Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Band Names

Over the past 100 days, I've posted a band name each day on Twitter. Here they all are.  Let me know your favorite or (better) give me your own best band names.

edit: By way of clarification, these are band names that sprang forth from my own imagination or, occasionally, the imagination of a friend. They are not bands that actually exist.

  1. Clipboard Mafia
  2. Flop Sweat and Tears
  3. threat level midnight
  4. Squeezepack
  5. Walnut Grove Punks
  6. Sping
  7. Los Guys
  8. The Cavities
  9. Papa Wobbles
  10. Glutius Minimus
  11. Pinky Finger Extended
  12. Spastic Jackson
  13. (couch.)
  14. husband
  15. eerie godless
  16. Isolation Chamber
  17. Sneak-Thief
  18. Jerkstore Clearance
  19. Pablum
  20. Ghastly Minstrals
  21. The Shrinky-Dinks
  22. The Khaki Lads
  23. The Jammies
  24. Stunning Pompodour
  25. Woot Woot to Boot
  26. Missuz Esterhaus
  27. huxtable massacre
  28. Hatfields vs. Capulets (vs. Grangerfords)
  29. Snug
  30. The Faux Poseurs
  31. Open During Destruction
  32. Belvedere's Revenge
  33. SlapDash
  34. Chump Change
  35. The Jiggwatts
  36. Dwayne Wayne Manor
  37. Fool of a Took
  38. Panzers for Pansies
  39. The Jack Boots
  40. Hardcore Clavinova
  41. Omnibus
  42. Soul Scab
  43. Diwali Nightmare
  44. The Farthings
  45. The Glass Chins
  46. Hester Prynne vs. Benny Hinn
  47. Wheelchair Disagreement HT:My4YrOld
  48. Aggressive Pedestrian
  49. Gimmick HT: Erin
  50. Vamanos Pest Control #SkinnyPete
  51. Sasper-zilla
  52. Friendly Fatwah
  53. Classic Schmoseby
  54. Flowbie Fatality
  55. Super-Sequitur
  56. Boiler Room Hobo HT:
  57. Poor Mister Pamuk
  58. The Habidashers
  59. Sarcastic Yay
  60. Tuna Meltdown
  61. Hipster Happy Hour
  62. Slather
  63. Insightful Tweet
  64. Urban Shamhan ht:Turk
  65. Surf Dumb
  66. Laissez Flair
  67. Percussion Caps
  68. Harbingers of Mood
  69. Semper Super Fly
  70. Mucho Poco
  71. Step-Band
  72. Mega-festo
  73. Barter Economy
  74. Triumphant Synth
  75. Avante Garde Hard Rock Collective
  76. Control-Alt-Retreat
  77. The Victorious Champions of Winning #theyjustkeepgettinglonger
  78. Too Slang HT:My4YearOld
  79. Jibber-Jabberwocky
  80. Brass Tacks & Fat Stacks  #MaybeAlbumName
  81. The Second Humminah  #MyNewFavorite
  82. Wee Baby Seamus
  83. Party Crash Zamboni
  84. Atlas Hugs
  85. Dimestore Platinum
  86. Healthy Dollop
  87. Smirk
  88. Messianic Druid
  89. band dot com (their website is banddotcom.net)
  90. Fanboy Factory
  91. Yank Slater
  92. Jeff
  93. C.S. Lewis Reference
  94. Power Chord Overlords
  95. Inadequate Afro
  96. Terrible Epiphany
  97. The Inscrutables
  98. Muser
  99. The Recurring Gags
  100. Deadly Jazz-Hands


  1. Of course, #1 for me will always be Boiler Room Hobo, but Wheelchair Disagreement, Jibber-Jabberwocky, Friendly Fatwah, and Control-Alt-Retreat also rank pretty highly.

  2. Zamike skits band

  3. Phat Albus
    Genie Come Lately
    Scars and Stripes (Patriotic Metal)
    Iambic Odometer
    Present Tents
    Prophet and Laws (Capitalist Messianic Band)

  4. Hmmm... As one who listens almost entirely to Classical -- when I am not listening to sermons or lectures -- I can quite honestly say that I have never heard of a single one of these bands. They are musical "bands" are they not?

    In Him, Doc

  5. Turk, those are MONEY, baby!

    Doc, no, these are bands that exist only in my mind. The project is to come up with ridiculous (but tenable and catchy) band names for bands that do not yet exist...

  6. Step-Band is gold. And Frank has me beat: All I have is "Cream Rinse." Sounded funny at the time.

  7. Last night, I kept accidentally waking my wife because I couldn't stop laughing at the idea of a band called "Ladies and Gentlemen." At their concerts, the announcer says, "Ladies and gentlemen....LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!!"

    In hindsight, it's not all that funny sans Ambien...