Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Other Nine (A Thanksgiving Sermon)

Happy Thanksgiving! I pray you have a restful and enjoyable day with family and friends, and return thanks to our God, the giver of all good gifts.

“The Other Nine,”  
A Thanksgiving Sermon

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  1. Pastor Zach, this message engaged my heart and is making me dig deep into my own issues. It spoke to my struggles, and I needed this where I am in my fluid journey. Our culture is in need of redemption, and your words are working towards spreading justice in our urban landscape.

    No, but in all seriousness, this was a wonderful sermon. 1st sermon I've listened to of yours (after months and months of devouring The Gut Check Podcast). I don't recall ever hearing a sermon on this passage, so I was pumped to listen.

    -Kevin R. (Lt. Col., Sous Chef, Gut Check Army)

  2. Thanks so much Kevin! BTW, your books are going out tomorrow morning. Thanks for reading and listening!