Friday, February 13, 2015

Gut Check Podcast and the Initial Germ of Playing Saint

Maybe you didn’t know that I have a podcast. It’s true. Every week or two, me and my buddy, award-winning author Ted Kluck (yes, he will only answer to “award-winning author Ted Kluck,” even when we’re just hanging out) talk into a microphone that’s attached to this plastic blue box that turns our clever words into ones and zeros.

We generally talk about writing, publishing, cigars, energy drinks, Christian pop culture, and all manner of snark. In the most recent episodes, we dramatically read 1-star reviews of each other’s books and talk about Downton Abbey, while also being two men. Both are kind of cathartic. 

In the next upcoming episode, you get to hear the genesis to the genesis of the idea that became my book Playing Saint (spoiler: it involves reflective tape in the shape of an inverted cross). So, yeah, you should probably subscribe in iTunes.

Click here for the Gut Check Podcast.

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