Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pinning Pesci Pastors

So I joined Pinterest a while ago. I had resisted for a long time because I’d heard it was all about recipes and cleaning tips and fashion (and what I’d seen of it, reposted on other social media platforms, had seemed to confirm that). But then one day, I happened upon a Pinterest board dedicated to Every-Day Carry (EDC). If you’ve never heard of EDC, it’s a bunch of grown men (myself included) obsessing over which watches, gizmos, pocket knives, handguns, and other items they should carry on their person on a daily basis. My Pinterest was piqued.

I suppose it makes sense, as men were already “pinning up” pictures of women generations ago (and unfortunately, if one is not careful, there is plenty of that sort of thing on Pinterest as well). But before long, I was hooked obsessively repinning pictures of city skylines, theologians, vintage electronics, etc. Then I made a board a piece for three of my books (42 Months Dry, Playing Saint, and The Last Con).

And just the other day, I made one called “Pesci Preachers.” It’s not pictures of clergymen who look like Joe Pesci (although I would definitely be interested in seeing such a board), but rather a collection of my favorite fictional clerics who defy ministerial stereotypes in a way that leans toward heroic/hardcore/smooth. (For the etymology of “Pesci,” see this old post from my old blog).

Have a look at the board here, and let me know who I’ve missed. I’d love to add a few more Pesci preachers to my collection.

Also: do you have a favorite fictionalized version of your own occupation? This is an easy question if you’re an archaeologist, forensic scientist, pilot, or politician . . . maybe a little more obscure if you’re a physical therapist or mechanical engineer.



  1. Aside from the alcohol issues, prostitutes, and being killed, I really relate to the Doug Stamper character in House of Cards.

  2. Doc Brown from Back to the Future comes pretty close for me.

  3. Cheech Marin in machete?

  4. I like the "Pale Rider"

  5. I almost included him, but then second-guessed myself because he turns out to have not really been a parson (when he puts the collar in the lock box and gets out the six-shooter). But since somebody else thought of it as well, The Pale Rider is on the list.