Friday, May 1, 2015

John Owen, John Piper, John Kreese (This Week's Sermons)

The story of Deborah and Barak (which really kind of folds into the story of Jael and Sisera) is one of the most bizarrely brutal accounts in all of Scripture. It's also super-awesome. But what can a 21st-Century Christian take away from this? In these two sermons, we look first at the account itself, and then Deborah's Song recounting the victory, and find words of encouragement, wisdom, and conviction. With a little Kobra Kai action thrown in for good measure.

Sermon on Judges 4, “Deborah”
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Sermon on Judges 5, “Life-Song” 

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  1. That's a tent-peg in Kreese's hand, natch. Also, if you're wondering where Terry Silver is... he's in the sink. (