Monday, July 6, 2015

Launch Party!

 So my newest book The Last Con comes out tomorrow!  And what better way to launch a new book than with a party? (The answer, to quote Nigel Tufnel, is "None.") Really, it's more of a “book event,” in that the logistical setup involves rows of chairs and a podium in the front, but still. And what better place for a book launch party than the newly renovated Baker Book House in Grand Rapids, Michigan? That's a no-brainer. Right in the cradle of Christian publishing in the Midwest, flanked by a coffee bar and a great selection of music, you can't do better.  And is there a more biblical date/time than 7/7 at 7 PM? Negatory!

If you're going to be in the area tomorrow night, come on by for a book release event. I'll be teaching you a little bit about the ways of the con man, giving some stuff away, signing books, and even providing cake.

So be there. No, I'm serious; be there.


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