Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Autographed Book Sale

I've got a couple big boxes of books in my closet, making it hard to reach my vast assortment of ties, most of which I don't where anymore because they're kind of '90s, but will still never get rid of. Anyway.

In the interest of getting books out of my way and into the hands of readers, I'm offering a limited number of signed copies of the following:

The Last Con - $11

Playing Saint - $11

42 Months Dry - $10

The Christian Gentleman’s Smoking Companion - $9

If you're someone I see regularly, knock $3 postage off the price and I'll just hand it to you. Also, feel free to tell me who to sign it to or even what to write. You can Paypal me below.




Thursday, July 16, 2015

Family Fiction Double-Edged

When Playing Saint came out, I was super-jazzed that Family Fiction Edge put me on the cover of their October issue. Well, they were among the first to interview me about the new book as well. Click the pages below to see the full issue.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Hello, Carol

So here's some good timing: as I mentioned in an earlier post, Playing Saint was a finalist for the Inspy blogger awards for Christian fiction. Well, I found out on 6/28 that Ted Dekker had clinched that award. But on 6/29, the ACFW announced the finalists for the Carol Awards (according to the website, "recognition for the best Christian fiction published by traditional publishing houses in the previous calendar year"). I'm a finalist in the "Debut Novel" category.

What's fun about these awards is that they're given out at a gala at the end of the ACFW conference. I'm up against two other finalists, so my odds are decent, but I’m already practicing my “I’m happy for the winner” smile-clap-combo.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

You Mad Bro? (This Week's Sermons)

Gideon’s 300 now attack the enemy and route them by God’s mighty power. And yet, instead of celebrating and praising the Lord, some Israelites are angry, jealous, and bitter, wanting to start trouble within God’s chosen people. In this week's sermons, we talk about being used by God for great things, giving him alone the glory, and how to deal with difficult people who are intent on making trouble and discord.

Sermon on Judges 7:15-25,
“Role Reversal”

(Click here to download this sermon as an MP3.)

Sermon on Judges 8:1-3,
“You Mad, Bro?”

(Click here to download this one as an MP3. As always, you can access many more of my sermons on the church website, www.churchlansing.com)



Allow Me to Read to You

The Last Con came out yesterday. If you're wondering whether you should buy it, you totally should. You can read the back cover copy here and read some excerpts here and here.

However, maybe you don't feel like reading right now. In that case, just click PLAY below, sit back, and let me read to you. Just...just click the thing and listen. Don't make it weird.

Click here to buy it.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Launch Party!

 So my newest book The Last Con comes out tomorrow!  And what better way to launch a new book than with a party? (The answer, to quote Nigel Tufnel, is "None.") Really, it's more of a “book event,” in that the logistical setup involves rows of chairs and a podium in the front, but still. And what better place for a book launch party than the newly renovated Baker Book House in Grand Rapids, Michigan? That's a no-brainer. Right in the cradle of Christian publishing in the Midwest, flanked by a coffee bar and a great selection of music, you can't do better.  And is there a more biblical date/time than 7/7 at 7 PM? Negatory!

If you're going to be in the area tomorrow night, come on by for a book release event. I'll be teaching you a little bit about the ways of the con man, giving some stuff away, signing books, and even providing cake.

So be there. No, I'm serious; be there.