Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Let Me Fill Your Holiday Travel with My Blathering

So, I told you about my three podcasts. Yesterday, for the first time I updated all three of them at once, all with longer-than-usual audio.  If you've got  a long Thanksgiving drive ahead of you and you're looking for podcast eps with a certain “Zach going on and on” quality, let me point you to:

Clinch: A Podcast of Fiction and Not-Fiction, Chapter 19
In which I read from a platform-building satire and unload the next installment of Clinch: A Novel.

Judson Baptist Church Sermon, “Healing and Thanksgiving” 
In which I preach on Luke 17:11-19, Our Lord's healing of the ten lepers and the return of one to praise God and show his gratitude to Christ.

The Gut Check Podcast, Episode 83
In which Ted Kluck and I discuss a bunch of random stuff, including my new book Playing Saint | All Souls’ Day and savage the proto-Nineties faux-deep trash movie Dead Poet Society for being about nothing while simultaneously being bloated with self-importance.