Thursday, August 31, 2017

PODCAST WEEK: #3, Clinch: A Podcast of Fiction and Not-Fiction

Okay, so this "Podcast Week" is a week like Gut Check Literacy Month was a month. But anyway, here I am, highlighting my third (and final) podcast. This one is called Clinch: A Podcast of Fiction and Not-Fiction."

Every week, I talk about an aspect of writing or publishing, through the lens of my "writing journey" (ugh, I hate that phrase), including sort of a raw autopsy of my brief stint with the biggest of big publishers. Then, the second half of the ep is me reading a chapter from Clinch, a YA novel about a couple high school kids in a small town, one of whom is convinced God has called her to be a masked superhero. People seem to like it. You should check it out.

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Friday, August 18, 2017

PODCAST WEEK: #2, The Gut Check Podcast

This week (and, I guess, into next week), I'm featuring my podcasts on my blog! Today, I bring you the Gut Check Podcast!

For the past few years, my buddy Ted Kluck and I have talked publishing, caffeine, cigars, and anything else that comes up. We spent a year and a half bringing you "Gut Check Literacy Month," in which we read an end-times satire called re:raptured. Once, we ate an entire box of tacos "on the air" and reviewed them. We also review gross energy drinks as if they were fine wines. It's not for everyone. 

You can follow on iTunes, and pretty much every other podcast app and aggregator, or on the web.
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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

PODCAST WEEK: #1, Sermons


This week, I'm featuring my podcasts on my blog! Today, let's look at the uber-creatively titled "Rev. Zachary Bartels' Sermons" podcast.  

Each week, I spend many hours studying a text of God's Word and prepare a message, which I preach at Judson Baptist Church. Thankfully, in this day of mass-communication and interwebs, those messages can be beamed off to the very ends of the earth.

I just started preaching through the book of Jonah (three sermons so far) and I'm really excited about it! You can follow my sermon feed on our church's iPhone or Android app, by subscribing in iTunes, through Feedburner, or via the web.
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