Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Earn Your Seat at the Fire

I've told you about my boy Cliff Graham a few times (here, here, and here)—about how he's a friend of mine and I'm a huge fanboy of his. I'm super-stoked that I'll be headed to Israel with Cliff at the end of the month, and I'll surely be sharing some highlights of the trip with you.
But today, I want to tell you about Cliff's Gibborim training course.“Gibborim” is the Hebrew word for “Mighty Men” or “Men of Valor” (some of Cliff's most popular books are about King David's Mighty Men) and Cliff does an incredible job of grabbing hold of that ancient warrior spirit, while bringing a definitive modern warrior vibe to it.
I was honored to go to one of the first Gibborim training weekends last September and earned my place at the fire when the primary focus was on preparing for (and qualifying for) involvement in Cliff's rescue missions to help free women trapped in sex slavery. However, he is now opening it up to men who may or may not want to pursue that mission.
There is so much that I could tell you. Instead, though, let me just share an awesome video Cliff's people have put together:
If your life has needed some excitement, some testosterone, and some old-fashioned, Old-Testament cavod (honor, glory), consider taking part in the most amazing "men's retreat" you will ever attend—a simulated emergency rescue operation with a powerful spiritual component.
Cliff and me in San Antonio, September 2016
The Gibborim course is being held every month led by military and law enforcement experts. It combines physical challenge with mental and spiritual development and was truly one of the most rewarding and unforgettable experiences I've ever had. Scholarships and subsidized spots are available and there will be opportunities for Father/Son weekends and church men's retreats.. 
For more information, check out: www.gibborim.net