Friday, October 31, 2014

A Skeleton in a Suit and Tie Tells Us What We Ought to Buy

Okay, that's a little obscure, isn't it?  It's lyrics from a song called "Social" from the best part of the Nineties, which fits because A.) It's Halloween, and B.) this post is about social media.

Namely, my social media. Know this:

1. I got on Pinterest against my own better judgment, expecting it to be full of nothing but recipes and makeup tips and for the woman-man ratio to be tilted toward the feminine more than the last two Christian writing conference I went to.  But here's what I learned: Pinterest is straight-up FULL of men pinning pictures of guns, cars, gadgets, sports stuff, and of course pretty girls (which reminded me that of course Pinterest is heavily populated by men--they were the original pinner-uppers).  Anyway, I've got like seven boards going and I find the process to be insanely cathartic, if time-sucking, muck like Flair was on the good version of facebook in like 2005 (also: remember Flair???). If you want to check out my boards, they can be found here.

2. A few months ago I had started #another100daysofrandombandnames on Twitter (see my first #100daysofrandombandnames here) and then let it fizzle out after only fourteen.  Well, now I've got them scheduled up through fifty. Make sure to check my Twitter @AuthorZBartels every day for the newest, greatest randomest (I know that's not a word, or a coherent concept) band name.

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