Tuesday, March 3, 2015

But I DO Have Another Novel!

So I'm not supposed to lay eyes on reader reviews, because everyone who knows me knows I tend toward obsessing over little things until I stop shaving and withdraw to my basement.

Anyway, I do read them and I've been very encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive reviews of Playing Saint and that they usually highlight the same things that I love about the book. Another thing that gets me excited is that like 2/3 of these reviews express excitement about my next book.  By the way, it's The Last Con and it comes out on July 15. You can pre-order it now on Amazon, iTunes, B&N, CBD, etc. etc.

But some people phrase it, "I am looking forward to reading more books by this author" or something like that. And if that's your jam, I've got GOOD NEWS!  You can download or order another novel by Zachary Bartels right now.

It's called:

It's not exactly a suspense/thriller title like Playing Saint and The Last Con, but it's pretty exciting if I say so myself. It's more of an action-thriller and it has the same sort of spiritual themes and snarky humor you find in my more recent stuff.

The premise of the book?  What would it look like if the story of Elijah were played out against a modern urban background? Water shortage, corrupt government, idolatry everywhere, God's people being demonized as religious extremists, and one angry, arrogant, probably bipolar prophet, armed to the teeth.

Check out this book trailer, put together by the one and only WAC Productions:

And here's me jawing about the book a couple years ago:

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