Sunday, March 15, 2015

Incorporating Real Life into Fiction

Here's me making a really weird face and gesture.
When my wife saw this picture, she said, "Does this speech make me look fat?"

I had a great time speaking at the Jot Conference on Friday the 13th. Despite the ominous date, the presentation went just fine. I did, however, forget that I had taken the top off my Snapple and sloshed Mango Madness all over the guy next to me.

My topic was “Incorporating Real Life into Fiction.” You can listen to it below (the plugin may take a minute to load) or save the mp3 by right clicking here and choosing “save link as.”



  1. Thanks again for being part of Jot 5! My pastor came and he mentioned that he particularly enjoyed your presentation. I assume that means that he either liked the idea of writing about his parishioners or he'll start acting like one of the priests from your book or both. Anyway, thanks a lot.

  2. No prob! It was fun... And sorry that my 15-20 minute presentation was 29 minutes long...