Friday, March 13, 2015

I'm Speaking at the Jot Writers Conference Tonight

One thing I've loved about entering the world of writing is interacting with other writers, particularly at conferences. I've attended ACFW and had the pleasure of speaking at Breathe and CCWA. Next month, I'll be speaking with my buddy and publishing partner Ted Kluck at the KDL Writers Conference.

But tonight, it's an awesome free conference called Jot. No registration, no fees, just show up a little before 7:00 (to get a good seat) at Baker Book House in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I'll be speaking about connecting your writing with real life, Amelia Rhodes will address making time to write, super-agent Tim Beals will give a talk called “Agenting 101 (What you need to know about literary agents)” and Kenneth Kraegel will speak on children’s publishing. After the presentations, there will be free 25-minute workshops offered (see the event schedule for details). Add to that the draw of the world's greatest bookstore and Icons Coffee Shop and, yeah, you should come . . .

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