Monday, May 20, 2013

So Here's the Big Announcement...

For  a couple weeks, I've been making dodgy references to some big news regarding my novel Demonic. Well, here it is:

Today, I signed a two-book contract with Thomas Nelson Publishing, the first of which (tentatively titled Demoniac: A Novel) will come out in 2014, followed by another suspense novel the following year.

I'm beyond excited to be working with the world's largest Christian publisher, which was founded while George Washington was alive and has, in more recent decades, put out the majority of my favorite fiction. (In fact, now that they've merged their fiction division with Zondervan's, I'd estimate that the resulting entity publishes a good 80% of my favorite novels, including some Lawhead, Peretti, and Cliff Graham).

I'd say it's “humbling” to join such prestigious company, but that would just show that I don't know what “humbling” means. I mean, if my books tank, that'll be humbling. At the moment, though, I'm flying pretty high.


  1. Congratulations Mr. Bartels.

  2. Well done, Zach! I'll cut you a deal and only charge you 5% royalties on the pure inspiration I must have provided you at some point in life. Today, my awesomeness comes cheap.

  3. Oooh! Hang on to those movie rights. You're going to need them later!

  4. Congratulations Zach! I'm definitely going to check out your book when it comes out but in the mean time I'm going to check out lawhead and Graham because I love Peretti's books but I've read them all at least twice!

  5. Congratulations! And a million thanks for refusing to claim to be "humbled" when you're actually gobsmacked and delighted. I'm delighted for you!